Strategic Systems, Inc.

Committed to the creation, development and enhancement of training and job opportunities for the underserved and underemployed population. 


Strategic Systems is a full-service, public affairs and advocacy marketing firm. We have cultivated expertise in developing integrated communications strategies that reinforce and enhance our clients’ existing culture – producing the desired results.
Strategic Systems’ ultimate “mission” is to service the clients’ needs, goals, and market aspirations by devising and implementing strategies, programs, and events to safeguard the corporate profile, establish and enhance relationships, and identify market challenges and aid in mitigation, as well as a host of other activities focused on increasing the bottom line.

Our Partners


  • Back Bay Mission

    Back Bay Mission

  • Missippippi Power

    Missippippi Power

  • Pearl River Community College

    Pearl River Community College

  • SAAD Healthcare

    SAAD Healthcare

  • Moss Point School District

    Moss Point School District

  • Workforce Alliance Partnership

    Workforce Alliance Partnership



Allied Support & Development

We strive to connect our clients with our partners to coordinate efforts. read more

Advisory & Advocacy Practice

We will provide advisory and advocacy though our public and private sector network. read more

Partnerships and Grassroots/Top Outreach

Servicing the needs of the client by bringing a wide array of resources. read more

Business Development & Marketing

Helping companies develop corporate profiles, marketing strategies and outreach tactics. read more


Employer’s and Participant’s Comments

    • The program was informative and I’d recommend it to people who are unemployed.
    • Ms. Gloria and Ms. Linda were very resourceful and helpful with information and instructions. A+++
    • Thank you for this training. This was good and I wouldn’t change anything.
    • Very great program, would love to be a part of it.
    • I hope many people will have the same opportunity.
    • This was very helpful. We need this twice a year.
    • I really like that you offer this to the community.
    • I really appreciate the (team) and all others who put this job fair together to help those in the community.
    • Pre-registration really helped move things along.
    • The instructors were kind and helpful.
    • I will be interviewed Monday!!!
    • I have an interview scheduled for Tuesday for a job.
    • I’ve learned a lot about what to do to prepare for a job.
    • An awesome opportunity.
    • Very helpful and informative. I hope to see this job fair continue.
    • I would not change a thing, keep up the good work.
    • This was a great opportunity for finding a good career. Thank you!
    • I really enjoyed this day and I feel very optimistic.
    • I would just like to thank Mississippi Power for sponsoring the job fairs for me. God Bless!
    • Thanks again for this service, your staff went over and above.
    • Hope this opportunity comes again next year.
    • Very good event for the community. I think it was very resourceful and beneficial.
    • Everyone was very informative. I took a lot of information and I believe I am equipped for whatever is ahead.
    • All the training helped me a lot. Thank you and God Bless.
    • Very good program, excellent training.
    • Thanks to everyone for their time and knowledge.
    • Thanks to all workers. They were very professional and courteous at all times, their varied abilities and skill sets were well utilized, and they were a pleasure to have leading this job fair. Thanks again to all.

Strategic Systems Inc. Office Locations

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320 Edgewood Terrace Dr.

Jackson, MS 39206

Ph. (601) 987-0000

Gulfport Office

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PH. (228) 357-5492