Mississippi Delta Community College

CAPPS Center

We work hard to help our clients reimagine their most ideal lifestyle.
With our in-depth training courses, new course additions, and course diversity, we’ll take your education to the next level and breathe life into it.

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CAPPS Center - WDI Partners

The Capps Center has a memorandum of agreement with the WDI to provide training slots to the workforce development program participants.

Courses Training

Courses available for participants include: welding, HVAC, pipefitting and virtual reality (VR) classes. One class that holds a lot of promise for a future direction of the WDI is the construction academy, a new course. It provides students with training in home and commercial building.

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New Course Additions!

Courses in medical coding and pharmacy tech have been added to the training offerings in 2019. The Capps Center is centrally located in the Mississippi Delta in Indianola Mississippi.