Ministerial Alliance

Ministerial Luncheon Biloxi2

Strategic Systems, Inc. has teamed up with the Ministerial Alliance and other entities from different sectors to create a consortium to develop and facilitate Workforce Development Training Programs that include but are not limited to certification courses. There were discussions to collectively create a business consortium of Gulf Coast industry representatives to assist in the development of a critically needed pipeline of trained and qualified employees from the Gulf Coast to fill long term economic growth, tax base and well being. Strategic Systems, Inc. is committed to the development and enhancement of creating training and job opportunities for the underserved and underemployed population.  SSI provides ongoing remediation through listings of available jobs and training opportunities to participants who have completed Workforce Development training sessions and attended career fairs.

Ministerial Aliance Meeting

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The Ministerial Alliance was formed through the joint efforts of Tom Espy, President of Strategic Systems, Inc. and Reverend Eric Dickey, pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church and former City Councilman in Biloxi, MS. The alliance wanted to address factors proven to be obstacles to youth, ages 16 to 24, in securing gainful employment in their communities. This included training for living-wage jobs and eliminating hindering factors such as lack of exposure, skilled training tied to jobs and poor computer skills.  The Ministerial Alliance started with 38 ministers. Since its inception, the Ministerial Alliance network has grown to 860 ministers.

Mississippi Power assisted the Ministerial Alliance in bringing together partners from industry to join the workforce alliance, while also providing support and funds to begin workforce development classes and to bring jobs to their communities. Numerous classes were provided in churches in the community. Strategic Systems worked with the Ministerial Alliance and Mississippi Power to develop workforce-training classes and other training opportunities, sponsor job fairs and to support and encourage the formation of minority businesses.

Strategic Systems also works with Mississippi Power on energy efficiency outreach in economically disadvantaged communities throughout their 23-county service area.