Allied Support & Development

Strategic Systems has cultivated an impressive faith based and diverse set of allies in the public and private sectors, non-profit community, as well as renowned thought and opinion leaders. Organizational allies are vital ingredients to the success of any strategy. Strategic Systems will connect The Client with Strategic Systems’ partners and coordinate efforts to:

  • Frame the public debate surrounding The Client’s initiatives to help mitigate opposition;
  • Publish, recast and strengthen The Client’s public image
  • Identify and form Strategic Systems’ alliances to advance organizational objectives.



Advisory & Advocacy Practice

With vast experience in the public sector and a keen understanding of the public sector’s effect on the private sector, Strategic Systems has amassed a comprehensive network that when activated becomes a powerful tool. Our experience reaches down through state and local government, allowing us to cast the widest possible net of inclusion. Strategic Systems’ strategies and advocacy work include but are not limited to:

  • Ally support & development
  • In-Person Meetings
  • Public Affairs & External Relations
  • Grassroots Outreach
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Executive Branch Advocacy

Partnerships & Grassroots/Top Outreach

Strategic Systems is committed to bringing a wide array of resources to service the needs of The Client. We will strategically develop allies and partnerships who represent the leadership in the local and state communities that offer specific core competencies to match The Client’s objectives.

Corporate & Business Development, Marketing

Whether developing a corporate profile, marketing strategy, or business outreach tactic, Strategic Systems is an invaluable resource and proactive partner. Through our connections to all areas of public life, we accomplish the following:

  • Development of new and innovative communications plans designed to maximize current market access and develop new partnerships
  • Identification of industry-appropriate speaking opportunities or interviews for top company officials
  • Planning and arranging public events in connection with existing widely-attended activities such as sporting, cultural or entertainment events, designed to amplify market excitement
  • Coordination with your management team to develop a focused corporate strategy to raise the corporate profile
  • Enlist allies to advocate at all levels of government and private sector agencies and who can speak intimately and publicly to reach opinion leaders and policymakers.